Where can i return my fios equipment

Where can I return my Verizon-Fios equipment to? I no longer have the service so I no longer have the order number that every website and phone tree asks of me and therefore I am on a dead end everytime..

Master - Level 1. In response to jimmyb. 01-19-200902:41 PM. You need to return the router, STBs and remotes. The ONT, BBU and PSU can remain. Unplug the power to the PSU and open the BBU and disconnect the battery. 1 Like. Reply. Getting started / Community FAQs.Was this helpful? (Video Length- 2:00 ) You can easily return and/or exchange a mobile device or accessory you purchased from verizon.com. Please visit our Verizon Return Policy for details and watch this video to see how. To learn about sending your return back to us, visit Verizon mobile 30-day return and exchange FAQs. Watch this video to ...The process as a whole can be a little long, but here is how you can best navigate through the technicalities smoothly and get what you want in the end. To cancel Fios TV but keep internet, call Verizon Support and explain the reason for cancellation. You will be redirected to the retention department operator.

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Step 7 - Return your equipment to Verizon. Once you elect to go with your own router, you have 30 days to return your Fios router to Verizon, or they will charge you a rental fee. Make sure you .../r/Fios is a community for discussing and asking questions related to Verizon landline and Fios (TV, Internet, and Phone) services. For questions related to Verizon Wireless, head over to r/Verizon. For questions related to Frontier Fios, head over to r/FrontierFios All on-topic posts will be accepted, even those which may put Verizon in a ...ProTip: Return Verizon equipment at UPS, not the VZ store. Just had to run through the 'return the old router to complete the upgrade' cycle, and was surprised to find that the VZ stores don't necessarily all take equipment returns, despite the return instructions. Mall Dr store let me wait 15 minutes to talk to someone who couldn't take a ...

01-19-2009 02:41 PM. You need to return the router, STBs and remotes. The ONT, BBU and PSU can remain. Unplug the power to the PSU and open the BBU and disconnect the battery. I have recently cancelled my fios internet and tv service.From my POV, it's a random piece of communications equipment that a private company installed in the house I own, without my knowledge or permission. It seems odd that it should carry an obligation, from me, to the company who installed it, but laws don't often work how I expect them to, so I'm asking questions.Cox equipment must be returned within 15 calendar days to avoid unreturned equipment charges. Purchased equipment must be returned to a Cox-owned retail store within 30 days of purchase for a refund by the method used for purchase. The following items must be returned to avoid charges: Digital Receivers. Power Cords / Power Supplies.We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.5.9K Messages. 9 months ago. You should be able to return it to your nearest service center and get a receipt. That is where I go for exchanges, etc. 0.

Jul 13, 2023 · Well, not returning your Fios equipment can lead to additional charges on your account, not to mention the environmental impact of improperly disposing of electronic devices. So, let’s dive in and understand the ins and outs of the Fios equipment return process. Step-by-Step Guide to Fios Equipment Return Step 1: Gather Your EquipmentFailure to return equipment on time could result in added fees of $210 for the fiber service unit and power supply, $175 for a Fios router and $99 per Fios Network Extender. Get that equipment in ... ….

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I cannot "go back" or hit an "Off" button on the Roku remote that then defaults back to cable TV. The only way I can do it is to pick up the LG TV remote (not the Verizon cable box remote) and laboriously switch between HDMI inpiuts by pressing various buttons. Seems awfully convoluted just to go from Roku BACK to cable TV.Cancelling Service. If you would like to cancel service for your loved one's phone number, please contact Customer Service at 800-922-0204 to initiate the request. If you call from the device that needs to be disconnected, you'll be asked to verify your device. We'll either ask for your Verizon mobile Account PIN or we'll send a message ...Equipment returns. To avoid being billed an unreturned equipment charge, please return all your Verizon Fios equipment within 30 days of the day your service is disconnected. To return your equipment: Contact Verizon at 1.800.verizon (1-800-837-4966) if you have any questions. View Fios Unreturned / Damaged Equipment Charges.

Now Verizon Fios has made it easy to save your movies by transferring them over to Movies Anywhere so you can watch them on the devices you want even after you cancel Fios. Movies Anywhere also lets you transfer movies from iTunes, Prime Video, Vudu/Walmart, Google Play/YouTube, Microsoft Movies & TV, and Fandango NOW. ...Search DIRECTV support. Support. Orders, apps & equipment. Return or recycle your DIRECTV equipment. Learn what DIRECTV equipment needs to be returned and how to return or recycle it.

craigslist pets north ms Jan 19, 2009 · 01-19-2009 02:41 PM. You need to return the router, STBs and remotes. The ONT, BBU and PSU can remain. Unplug the power to the PSU and open the BBU and disconnect the battery. I have recently cancelled my fios internet and tv service.06-04-2017 09:17 PM. Actually you can. The sender will get a message back stating they're trying to send a text to a landline and do they wish to continue. The sener will incur a charge ($.25 I believe) and you would get a voice version of the text. 0 Likes. vermilion police glyph reportsweirton medical center patient portal Cancelled my FiOS. Still have the STB and remote. Was supposed to get something from Verizon re retuning it to a FiOS store or UPS. Service ended Thursday and I didn't get anything. ... I never seem to get the return box. Always take my equipment to the Verizon/FIOS store and return it and ask for both a paper and email receipt. They can look ...8. Return Equipment Promptly. As a part of the cancellation process, all Verizon rental equipment such as a router, TV box, etc., should be returned promptly to avoid any extra charges. 9. Ask for a Cancellation Confirmation. It’s crucial to ask for a cancellation confirmation, either by email or written document. qpublic chattooga Posted by u/[Deleted Account] - 2 votes and 4 commentsOct 28, 2023 · Step 1: Gather Your Verizon Equipment. Before returning your Verizon equipment, it’s crucial to gather all the items you need to return. This typically includes the modem, router, set-top boxes, remotes, and any other devices provided by Verizon. Take a moment to locate each item and ensure they are in good working condition. beltrami warrantsmiller funeral home gates countydetroit airport security wait times Apply Shipping Label and Drop Off. Apply the included shipping label over the original shipping label. In some cases, the original return label can be peeled off, reversed and reapplied to the shipping box. Consult the packing slip that came with your box for details. Take the box to the nearest FedEx or UPS drop-off location. blue apron stocktwits Can I return my Verizon FIOS equipment to a Verizon store? Verizon is known for its strict return policy. You should follow the return process carefully if you want to avoid penalty charges. Once you have canceled your Verizon service, you can decide whether you want to start the return procedure by: Taking the equipment to the nearest … fairhaven funeral home mawells fargo center seating view concertthe retail odyssey company reviews If you have a retail VZ FiOS storefront you can bring your equipment directly there as well (as noted by another poster already), but unfortunately these seem to be getting rare. · actions ...Installation of Fios TV includes connecting up to three televisions with existing coaxial outlets (including installation of set-top boxes) and programming the Fios TV remote control for your set-top boxes and televisions. Additional TVs can be set up for an additional charge. Our technicians will also perform needed outside work, including ...